Nurse Sarah must make decisions about who to save. She needs your help as a volunteer to organize the patients into sections of those that can survive with minimal care and those that will not survive unless they are immediately evacuate.

I would help Nurse Sarah by assessing the population in the ED. After assessing patients I would categorize patients by their injuries. It is about who has the highest possible chance of surviving not about age. If there is a 90year old elderly woman with a punctured lung and a few cracked ribs and a 40year old man that is not breathing chances are we will save the 40year old man. If we were to try and save the 90year old woman we would run out of supplies and who is to say if she would survive. It is about who has the highest possible chance of surviving.

Based on the fundamentals of utilitarianism, how would you make your decision? Why save the 40 yr old man vs the 90 yr old woman? Is age the determining factor? I you were thinking like a straight-up utilitarian, how would you make your decision about whom to save?