ADHD Drug Abuse: The Limitless Effect on College Campuses


This thesis is about ADHD drug abuse in college students. I have written everything I can and have done all of the research. No additional research required. My advisor has provided me with edits that need to happen and I have copied them below. I am seriously just looking to pass. This is my last collegiate requirement. 1. The introduction needs to be reworked to have a clear focus and to build an argument for the importance of your research question(s).
2. There needs to be a clearly stated direction of the research and research questions.
3. Later in the paper, there needs to be clearly developed hypotheses.
4. There needs to be a proposed method for testing the hypotheses. 5. There needs to be a well developed conclusion that addresses the limitations of what you’re looking at and recapping why you’re exploring this and where you go next.