Administration of School Media Center


Core Assessment One

Core Assessment I: A Library Media Specialist should understand the budget process in order to facilitate the appropriate collection development options available. In this assignment you will focus on developing, balancing, and procuring funds for a well-developed school media center. Due to mandatory school budget cuts the Media Center will not receive any funding this year. However, it is your task to find other sources of funding to meet the needs of the media center. To do this you will need to do the following:
• Collaborate with other teachers when dividing funds. (Narrative)
• The budget must be justified as meeting the needs of the school. (Narrative)
• Create an itemized list of materials and books purchased (Chart/Spread sheet)
• Create a written summary of how you collaborated with other faculty (Narrative)
• Provide short and long range goals for this funding (Narrative)
• Finally provide clear justification for your needs (Narrative)

The following chapters, articles, and resources will be helpful and should be referenced in the completion of this assignment.

Read chapters 7&9 and Appendix F Sample Budget

As always you are graded on grammar and sentence structure

And The inclusion of all points listed in bold above.

Core Assessment One is worth 30 points and is due July 3, 2018.